Freestyle Plan Values for our breads  **

Points with the Freestyle Plan are even better...because the Freestyle Plan increases the point value when there is Saturated Fat and Sugar, and with these breads...there is no Saturated Fat or Sugar!

French Bread                2 per slice

Whole Wheat Bread     1 per slice

Six Grain Bread            1 per slice

Cranberry Walnut Whole Wheat    2 per slice

Honey Whole Wheat    2 per slice

Deli Rye Bread           1  per slice

Challah                        2  per slice

Raisin Bread                2  per slice

Calamata Olive Bread    2 per slice

100% Stone Ground Whole Grain Whole Wheat Loaves  1 per 2 oz slice

( We grind the wheat we use in the loaves right at our store, daily)


**Our breads are not affiliated with Weight Watchers