Wood Street Bread products can be purchased at these Fine Stores


You can purchase our breads at the.... 


  East End Food Co-op

7516 Meade Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15208 (1 block south of Penn Ave. at Braddock Ave.)

412-242-3598 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday



  Kuhn's Market

700 Beulah Road

Turtle Creek, PA

(412) 829-2555 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday



  Kuhn's Market

3125 Banksville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15216, Banksville Plaza

(412) 343-8777 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday



  Ruggeri’s Food Shoppe

5878 Northumberland (between Shady Ave. & Murray Ave.)

Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (Squirrel Hill)

412-521-0718 Thursday


  Shenot Farm - we delivered bread there for many years, but unfortunately we had to downsize, so we no longer go there.